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About Global


History and Philosophy.

Founded by David Hodgson in 2019, GRC connections have spread across the world. GRC's regenerators meet synchronously via zoom to discuss topics ranging from regenerative agriculture and economics, to project finance and personal regeneration. These sessions allow for networking, learning, exploration and inspiration to support action desperately needed to create a regenerative world. Simultaneously, regenerators connect asynchronously via Slack to promote their work, ask questions, offer resources and give support.


Ecosystem: Where do we come from?

The Global Regeneration CoLab (GRC) was created to connect people and catalyze projects that are addressing critical issues around the world.

The CoLab is growing in a time of rapid cultural and climatic change characterized by uncertainty, peril and possibility. Recognizing the passionate people who are working to navigate these troubled waters, we offer a space for pre-incubation, ideation, partnering, and moral support. 

As people dedicated to creating a viable, hopefully thriving future, we work in many fields to grow diverse, evolving, regenerative, and transformative systems, in service to and relationship with the natural world of which we are a part.

Organism: What are we?

We gather in the Global Regeneration CoLab to support each other. We gather in order to catalyze change at greater scale and depth than would be possible alone. 

We think of the GRC as an effort to enrich the "soil" from which regenerative initiatives grow. This soil should nourish an emergent and fluid ecosystem of members and activators. An ecosystem empowered to connect members, build systemic knowledge, and contribute to projects and practices aligned with regeneration.


Growing together: Where are we going?

We believe that we are stronger together than alone. We share a commitment to an emergent reality none of us can yet fully define. We come together with curiosity and creativity as our north pole and care and compassion as our south. 

We hope to meet you there.

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