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we are

connecting the world’s regenerators


Members are our connective tissue–initiating, acting and amplifying others in our ecosystem with the assistance of our Activation Team.

Every member of our community is committed to regeneration of their lives, communities, bioregions fields and our broader world.

GRC Spotlight: Poyom Riles

Location: Oakland, USA, North American Bioregion

What got you into regenerative work?

Poyom has engaged with regenerative landscape work since college. From working as an ecological landscaper, or as an engineer with the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, and even a civil engineer with municipal stormwater and waste water management, he admires water's regenerative capabilities. Working with water and flow is at the core of his relationship to regeneration

What does regeneration mean to you?

“The definition I keep coming back to… is that is regeneration allows that thing to express the full essence of what it is.” He sees regeneration in how creek beds respond to fallen trees, or fallen river bank to morph, adapt and continue to live despite temporary disturbance. At it's core, regeneration is the natural flow of things many often forget.


What's been inspiring you recently?

"My art. I want that to unfold as fully as possible. I’m ready to give that a space.. I want to be relentless in my practice" He describes his art as the inner work of touching the flow which is quintessential to regeneration.

Our Team is composed of facilitators and activators

Meet our Facilitators

Our facilitators imagine, organize and guide conversations on regeneration. They foment sessions where people, ideas and ventures collide, bursting forth into radiations of new and rediscovered possibilities and projects. See our conversations here.

Dan Beltramo has a Ph.D. in Education with 30 years of teaching in the classroom. Experience and background in the professional development of teachers as a workshop presenter, Master teacher and Student Teacher Supervisor, and as a leader of an Educational Technology Cohort.

Dan Beltramo

Regenerative Education


Pam is Executive Director of Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI), a regenerative nonprofit organization and the fiscal sponsor for Global Regenerative CoLab. ISI works to help the paradigm shift from Cartesian thinking to Whole Systems thinking - emerge into being.

Pam Campbell

Regenerative Economics


Andrew Crosby is the founder of Third Horizon Earth, a nonpartisan service finding and sharing approaches to regenerative innovation for for pioneers building new ventures and growing the movement. He has been convening the weekly Regenerative Insights Circle meeting since 2020. 

Andrew Crosby

Regenerative Insights Circle


Cassandra Goodmansen is an Ecologist, Permaculturalist, and Sustainability Professional who is passionate about reintegrating “society” into “nature” and redeveloping our sense of community and “place” through ecological literacy and place based education. 

Cassandra Goodmansen

Regenerative Education

goodmansen Medium.jpeg

Erik van Lennep wears a stack of hats: botanist, regenerative design practitioner, community organizer, guerilla gardener, uncle and social innovator /activist. Currently living in Spain, and plans to foment wide scale regeneration from a recently established Living Lab and Syntropic farm

Erik van Lennep

Regenerative Agriculture

van Lennep.jpg

Tanuja Prasad

Regenerative Economics


Ulrike Zeshan specialises in designing, playing and researching Serious Games. She runs the Ishara Press, a social enterprise working on multimedia gamified publishing. She lives at the Shikha Ecovillage in rural east India, where she supports the Happy Hands School for the Deaf with alternative learning tools.

Ulrike Zeshan

Serious Games


Meet our Activators

Our activators deepen our ecosystem; they stitch and weave our networks with others, imagine the future of GRC, and promote the conditions for innovative ideas, people and projects to unfold within the CoLab. Through behind-the-scenes maintenance and logistics, to periodic festivals and summits, they consistently nourish our community.

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Carolina is a network ecologist turned network weaver dedicated to helping accelerate a regenerative future, mostly through networks, data and permaculture. In GRC, she handles communications, member support, general maintenance/organizing and  occasionally hosts sessions.  

Carolina Carvalho


Benjamin is an ecologist dedicated to community based conservation initiatives currently based out of coastal Ecuador. In GRC, he leads our welcoming calls, helps manage our website and supports our connections within the CoLab.

Benjamin Felser


Jyo is a social systems architect who thrives on operating with design principles of living systems in co-creating spaces of dialogue and action in the way humans belong on earth. In GRC, she helps realize the vision of GRC to be the pre-incubator in accelerating the future of regeneration.

Jyo Maan

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David is devoted to helping create a Regenerative Future. He's interested in how open systems, networks (like the Internet), new approaches to business, and public policy can contribute. The best way to find out is to learn-in together.

David Witzel

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