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Our Activities and Projects

GRC holds weekly conversations, special events and more to build bonds and projects working towards global regeneration


These sessions are the core of our community. The ones listed below meet every week from across the world to explore regeneration in our economies, food systems, personal lives and beyond. Also feel free to check out some of our recent special events with people/organizations from other networks

Weekly Sessions

Regenerative Lifelong Learners

Thursday,  15:00 UTC

Hosted by Dan Beltramo and Cassandra Goodmansen

A discussion on systematically changing education and developing ecological literacy to address the multifaceted and interconnected crises facing our world today.

Regenerative Economics

Tuesday, 16:00 UTC
Hosted by Pamela Campbell and Tanuja Prasad

Our intention: To engage in a collaborative exploration of the economic principles and tools necessary for regenerative humanity. 

Regen Agriculture

Tuesday, 17:00 UTC

Hosted by Eric van Lennep and Cassandra Goodmansen

This is a time for people working on or interested in Regenerative Agriculture & related topics to get together, meet, compare notes, and maybe colab.  Join us! 

Regenerative Insights Circle

Wednesday, 08:30 UTC

Thursday, 17:00 UTC 

Hosted by Andrew Crosby and Friends

What do we do? We talk and work with each other in an international group of collaborators and friends. Sometimes a project is presented and often our group members end up working together on projects, foreseen and serendipitous. Co-working and parallel play are always available. 

Regenerative Governance

Wednesday, 16:00 UTC

Coordinated by David Witzel

This series is for discussion and co-learning of what it means to govern regeneratively and how regeneration can inform governance. 

Serious Games

Monday, 16:00 UTC

Hosted by Ulrike Zeshan

We meet to discuss and test-play all kinds of Serious Games - that is, games that are played for purposes other than mere entertainment, such as learning, collaboration, or awareness-raising. 

Regeneration Pollination
Friday (timing variable)
Hosted by
Regeneration Pollination

Connect with colleagues & allies bringing forth a regenerative future via speed-networking through Zoom chats. Open to people from all networks!

Recent Special Sessions

May 15-19, 2023 - The Week: A three-part series "To make sense of the defining crisis of our time. To get ready for the defining adventure of our time." This limited session occurred in collaboration with Greaterthan and Permaculture CoLab to to engage the real issues of our rapidly changing climate "for real, with our friends, family or colleagues. It doesn’t tell us what to do, but empowers us to make up our own minds. So that we can say down the line: I knew what I needed to know, I did what I need to do and I have no regrets."

Apr 21, 2023 - Hosting for Regeneration & Change with Raman Frey: Raman Frey is the founder of the event production community GP Dinners (producing over 400 events since 2012). This session focused on hosting as a change strategy - why Raman believes in it, how it works, and what is left to do. Format for this session will be initial Q&A with Dave Witzel followed by questions & discussion with the group.

Mar 1, 2023 - Regeneration and the Wellbeing Economy: In this session, The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEALL) Economics and Policy Lead Amanda Janoo discussed her organization's work and how it can complement our struggle for a regenerative world. WEALL is a global network of 300+ governments, businesses, and advocacy organizations dedicated to building a wellbeing economy: an economy which serves the shared needs of people and planet.

May 17, 2022-Feb 21, 2023 - Women in Systems Thinking: This series of events celebrates and acknowledges the important contribution of women in systems thinking. It is formulated in the spirit of facilitating a greater level of coordination among systems thinkers, as well as recognizing the crucial contributions of those whose work is more about “being” and “doing” as of equal value to “thinking.” Links to the presentations can be found here.

Special Events

Intentional gatherings, summits and presentations punctuate our regular happenings to inspire, promote collaboration and offer an organized opportunity to share and learn about work within the network

Upcoming Events

October: 20-22, 2023

This Summit is designed to create a space for global regenerative agriculture/permaculture practitioners to connect with other projects, investors and appreciators. Through this space we seek to build community and knowledge around financial independence/markets, crop/soil management, education, communications and general movement building and management.

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Apr 26, 2023

Past Events

This first seasonal GRC expo session featured Aarti Shah (Founder of Co-Regen) and Andrew Crosby (Founder of Third Horizon Earth.) Aarti  will be presenting on regenerative ag, energy and biochar in Kenya and beyond and Andrew will share his recent project creating an open access platform of peer learning tools for regenerative work. 

Nov 14-Dec 7, 2022

A celebration of three years since we began in 2019. Rife with personal and communal reflection alongside community guest speakers in marine permaculture, blue business and other projects from our community. 

March 15, 2022

A showcase of the abundance and diversity of impact stories and projects in regeneration. Join to expand horizons on what regeneration looks like in practice, and build new connections and relationships of support with regenerators worldwide.

Mirror and Flowers
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Our founders described GRC as a pre-incubation space—an ecosystem where we can play, experiment, imagine and enact regenerative futures. Here are a few of the projects which have come out of our Collaborative Laboratory.


"We build Regeneration Hubs designed as a deforestation solution. Hubs empower women and teach them to plant millions of life-saving trees."

Seaworthy Collective.png

Seaworthy Collective

"Seaworthy Collective (501c3) is a Miami-based
BlueTech (ocean innovation) startup incubator and community"


"Regeneration Pollination is online networking for fun, short, one-on-one conversations online. Connect with fellow change-makers from around the world.


"North Star Transition creates collaborative initiatives designed to increase the impact of our response to humankind’s climate, biodiversity loss and social crises.


A network of 600+ regenerative projects worldwide connected with supportive communities to provide "not only financial resources, but also... a support system for the projects based on mutual trust and shared knowledge."

Third Horizon Earth is a nonpartisan knowledge and practice platform for regenerative development pioneers to share their work with each other and the world.

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