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Spring Expo: Seeding New Beginnings - Apr 26

GRC Expos: “Spring - Seeding New Possibilities” , on April 26, at 9-12 PDT / 12-3 EDT / 18-21 CEST, with special Guests Aarti Shah and Andrew Crosby. The session will include sessions by Aarti and Andrew, followed by networking to share ideas, build new relationships and explore the colab.

Aarti (founder of Co-Regen) will be presenting on regenerative ag, energy and biochar in Kenya and beyond and Andrew will share his recent project, Third Horizon Earth, creating an open access platform of peer learning tools for regenerative work. As we leap into the spring beginnings, we hope you’ll join us in this first seasonal GRC gathering: Add the event to your calendar -- This is a public event and all are welcome!

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