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Sprouts - Feb 20, 2023

GRC Spotlight: David Witzel

Dave is one of the founding members of GRC, building on decades of experience fusing tech and regenerative work

Location: Oakland, USA, North American Bioregion

What got you into regenerative work? Dave has been working on environmental issues since he was in the Environment section of the World Bank's Research Department in the 90's. He spent 3 years at Environmental Defense Fund focused on reducing business' damage to the environment. More recently he has become enthralled with "regeneration"-- not just mitigating negative impacts and instead building a more vibrant future.

What does regeneration mean to you? "Regeneration captures the possibility of making the world better, not just 'less bad.'" This is his focus in motivating the GRC towards addressing the regeneration of all our damaged systems including, but not limited to climate change. What are people missing about regeneration? Regeneration is not limited to addressing climate change. "Climate change is a symptom of the issues we are creating" and he hopes to collaborate with people and create spaces to address our systemic issues.

What projects are you working on right now? Dave is currently working on creating an open-source database for people working towards biosphere-level regeneration.

  • Check out this presentation on Regenerative Architecture and Design given by Carl Welty and Poyom Riles at our Regenerative Insights Circle session on our youtube channel!

  • Melissa Cliver and the NewLedo Exploration Hub are organizing a two-day Inventor Spotlight event on March 10-11 for people in the Newport, Oregon area.

  • Tanuja Prasad and Ebru Kaya have founded the Regenerative Investing Community of Practice, going beyond the idea of investing in regenerative businesses, to where the practice of investing itself becomes regenerative. Check out the community and the paper!

Join the GRC member Melissa Cliver and the NewLedo Exploration Hub for a two day Inventor Spotlight in Newport Oregon

Session highlight: Serious Games

Serious games combine the playful nature of exploration, with the real world challenges we face

This weekly group explores play, games and curiosity in the regenerative world to build relationships and imagine a more vibrant future. Hosted by Ulrike Zeshan The last part of a three-part extended session exploring “DIY Transition gaming” which allows participants to “simulate and role-play a complex transition from where we are to where we want to be” in the context of sustainability and regenerative work at local, national and bioregional scales. Check out more sessions like this in this week's events below!


This week with the CoLab

GRC: Regen Economics - A discussion for evolving new understandings Feb 21, 2023 8-9am PST / 11am EST / 13:00 BrTZ / 1600 UTC / 1700 CET / 1900 EAT / This is a place to discuss and share innovative ideas as we shift our economic paradigm towards regeneration. Join the diverse GRC community in discussion, as we explore our evolving understandings of the paradigm shift we are all experiencing. Our species needs to evolve and learn how to be in the ‘right relationship’ with nature and this planet we call home. Our conversations will be journey-focused, collecting ideas and evolving our viewpoints as we move towards collective solution. Hosted by Pam Campbell & Tanuja Prasad. GRC: Regen Ag Community Chat Feb 21, 2023 9am-10am PST / noon EST / 14:00 BrTZ / 1700 UTC / 1800 CET / 2000 EAT / This is a time for people working on or interested in Regenerative Agriculture & related topics to get together, meet, compare notes, and maybe colab. Hosted by Erik van Lennep. SoST: Peer Discussion - Monique Aiken, Systems Aware Investing Feb 21, 2023 10am-11am PST / 1pm EST / 15:00 BrTZ / 1800 UTC / 1900 CET / 2100 EAT / Follow-up discussion to the sixth conversation in the Women in Systems Thinking speaker series: Monique Aiken, Investment Integration Project, on Systems Aware Investing Join us on February 21st for open discussion on the topics approached during the conversation with Monique Aiken. There will be a particular focus on addressing generalized feelings of "being on the outside" of financial system conversations and discussing how to influence the system as individuals. Hosted by Carolina Carvalho, Carrie Norton and Felicia Chavez. GRC: Regenerative Insights Circle Feb 22, 2023 0830 UTC / 0930 CET / 1130 EAT / 1400 IST / 1930 AEDT / 2130 NZDT Welcoming participation from all over the world. What do we do? We talk and work with each other in an international group of collaborators and friends. Sometimes a project is presented and often our group members end up working together on projects, foreseen and serendipitous. Co-working and parallel play are always available. We are free-wheeling or co-working. Whatever the mode, please bring a friend if you like. Hosted by Andrew Crosby and friends. GRC: Regenerative Insights Circle Feb 23, 2023 9am-10am PST / noon EST / 1400 BrTZ / 1700 UTC / 1800 CET / Welcoming participation from all over the world. Please join us. Co-working available as well. No scheduled guest appearances this week, but co-working, whole working, or parallel play available. Hosted by Andrew Crosby and friends. Regeneration Pollination Feb 24, 2022 0900 UTC / 1000 CET / 1200 EAT / 1430 IST / 2000 AEDT / 2200 NZDT Connect with colleagues & allies bringing forth a regenerative future via speed-networking through Zoom chats. Please share & invite more people! More information, future events, and to signup for our newsletter at Regeneration Pollination GRC: Serious Games Feb 27, 2023 8-9:15am PST / 11am EST / 13:00 BrTZ / 1600 UTC / 1700 CET / 1900 EAT / We meet to discuss and test-play all kinds of Serious Games - that is, games that are played for purposes other than mere entertainment, such as learning, collaboration, or awareness-raising. If you are interested in simulations, scenario planning, role play, or group facilitation using games, come along to the session. Hosted by Ulrike Zeshan.

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