Global Regeneration CoLab

Accelerate Our Regenerative Future

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We are a Global Innovation Network

We are a growing multi-disciplinary network of innovators, from around the world, coming together to accelerate the transformation to a regenerative future.

You can extend the network. Join Regeneration Pollination -- regular speed-networking through Zoom chats.

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Focused on Creating a Regenerative

Global Economy

We see that currently, the global society is degenerative of the biosphere and that this will obviously not end well for humanity.


We thus believe that it is essential that we transform to be regenerative of nature & society, so that humanity can thrive.


We Accelerate & Innovate

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We work closely with regenerative initiatives to identify their needs and connect them to the expertise and connections they need to move these initiatives forward.


We run innovation processes around key regeneration challenges, to launch high-potential new initiatives.

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Regeneration Challenges

A few of the innovation areas we are focused on to enable the transition to a regenerative future,.

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How might we unlock the flow of $10 trillion+ into the regenerative economy by 2030? 

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How might we enable regenerative innovation ecosystems in 1,000 regions around the world?

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How might we transform the value chains of the largest businesses on earth to become regenerative by 2030?