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Accelerating our


Imagine a regenerative future, in harmony with nature, where even economic activity replenishes. This is the vision the Regenerators in the Global Regeneration CoLab (GRC) are working towards.

What's happening in the CoLab?

The CoLab lives in the daily interactions of all our members

Check out our blog for biweekly updates upcoming events, conversation groups and seminars on regenerative practice

Who are we?
We are a global community of changemakers helping each other create a regenerative future

The GRC includes regenerators from around the globe from the Netherlands to Nigeria, the United States to the United Kingdom, from all walks of life. We help each other create a regenerative world.

GRC is a CoLab - a Collaborative Laboratory. A space for meeting, learning, inspiring, encouraging, experimenting, partnering & problem-solving together.

Why Regenerative instead of Sustainable?


In practice, sustainable has come to mean "help the world be less bad" by reducing the damage done by humanity.


But we can be much more ambitious. We can strive to replenish and revitalize the natural world as humans have for thousands of years before us.  We can have a regenerative future where people are integrated and in harmony with nature.


A resource-rich group of motivated, creative people helping each other  make a difference:

  • Find inspiration, support, collaboration, and shared knowledge to help each others' projects thrive

  • Cultivate new relationships that spread ideas, talent, learning & resources across fields to support regenerative work

  • Create shared infrastructure - make tools, data, knowledge, and connections more available to accelerate the field as a whole.


GRC provided me with a global community. The community created a loving embrace of me and my ideas. GRC provides a safe space for Regenerative Co-creation, which was the meta level theme of my experiment. 

I created a time-travel meditation experience based on Afrofuturism, mindfulness, and improv theories. What started as a wacky pandemic idea has blossomed into a full-blown offering that I’m using to offer healing and light into the darkness and despair of the pandemic. 

I cannot imagine this would have gained traction without the open-minded and supportive environment of the GRC community.


—  Dr. Tiffany Jana, DMI Consulting

How to support
and be supported


If you are a regeneration changemaker and want to join the GRC, send us a message!

Support our Work

Help us catalyze & enable even more regenerative changemakers around the world

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