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Accelerating Bioregional Regeneration

A Global Innovation Network

We are a network of transdisciplinary innovators, from around the world, coming together to solve the challenges facing bioregional regeneration.

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The Regenerative Bioregional Approach

The goal of this approach is to transform regional economies so that they become regenerative of nature and society. There are projects based on this approach happening around the world - that all face similar challenges. 

By solving these challenges and making them successful we can rapidly contribute to addressing the biodiversity, climate and social crises we face.


Our Goal: Accelerate Bioregional Regeneration

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Accelerate Regenerative Initiatives

We work closely with regenerative initiatives in the network to identify their needs, and then we connect them to the expertise they need, from within our extensive network, to rapidly move the initiative forward.

Run CoLabs to Solve Shared Challenges

When we identify a shared challenge, then we run a CoLab, a collaborative innovation process, bringing together expertise from across the network to solve the challenges identified

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If we are to 10x bioregional regeneration, these are some of the key focus areas.

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Value Chain Transformation


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