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Sprouts - May 29, 2023

Day Waterurbury is a community-builder, tech worker and dreamer creating a collaborative incubator in the Bay Area

GRC Spotlight: Day Waterbury

Location: Oakland, CA, USA - North American Bioregion

How did you come to regenerative work?

Day's story carries "this imprint of a deep landed community, of having a people and having a place, and then being wanderers." Born in an Oregon commune suddenly beset by tragedy, he and his "gypsy mama" moved 30 times before he was 15. He worked his way through college while supporting a family, and created Dance Underground around the time of Occupy (mid-90s) as a space for movement, social-emotional learning and community. In tech he "played midwife" to a variety of start-ups including one connecting indigenous leaders in rainforest ecosystems to resources for thriving and regeneration. Most recently he's collaborating to create a permaculture community in the Bay Area.

What is regeneration to you?

"Look at the life of a plant... the plant is 'generative,' doing this sort of reverse entropy process where... it makes its flowers, it makes its leaves" and, often neglected, eventually dies to be be composted into the next generation. Day continued, "Regeneration is dependent on the composting of the dead into the next generation."

What's next?

Day is right now working on acquiring a piece of land in the Bay Area to create a collaborative community. The project includes permaculture, collaborative technology and shared childcare. He is working alongside the collaborative energy alliance and the Terran Collective to fulfill the vision of a "collaborative technology incubator... grounded in place" instead of floating in the air. Reach out to Day if you're interested in supporting, participating, or learning more!

Learn more about small farm co-ownership from GRC-member Ray Milidoni's new White Paper
  • Ray Milidoni and the farmlet team have recently released a white paper on co-owning farmland and making land ownership accessible to more people. Check it out!

  • Bill Baue invites you to participate in a community-building effort to co-create funding ecosystems for regeneration: the six-week “swarm" started last week to launch a set of funding ecosystem experiments and a community that will support them, and it’s not too late to join!


Session highlight: Regenerative Governance

This series is for discussion and co-learning of what it means to govern regeneratively and how regeneration can inform governance. This weekly session will be a co-created exploration of what regenerative governance means and how we, as regenerators, can apply it.

Coordinated by David Witzel.


This week with the CoLab

GRC: Regenerative Economics - A discussion for evolving new understandings May 30, 2023 8am-9am PT / 11am ET / 12pm BRT / 4pm BST / 6pm EAT / 2130 IST / your time zone

This is a place to discuss and share innovative ideas as we shift our economic paradigm towards regeneration. Join the diverse GRC community in discussion, as we explore our evolving understandings of the paradigm shift we are all experiencing.

Our species needs to evolve and learn how to be in the ‘right relationship’ with nature and this planet we call home. Our conversations will be journey-focused, collecting ideas and evolving our viewpoints as we move towards collective solution. Hosted by Pam Campbell & Tanuja Prasad.

GRC: Regen Ag Community Chat May 30, 2023 9am-10am PT / noon ET / 1pm BRT / 5pm BST / 7pm EAT / 2130 IST / your time zone This is a time for people working on or interested in Regenerative Agriculture & related topics to get together, meet, compare notes, and maybe colab. Join us! Hosted by Erik van Lennep and Cassandra Goodmansen.

GRC: Regenerative Insights Circle

May 31, 2023 7:30am-8:45am UTC / 8:30am BST / 9:30am CEST / 1pm IST / 3:30pm PST / 5:30pm AEST / 7:30pm NZST / your time zone

Christiana will be hosting this week. Join for a new approach, different vibe in our weekly call. Welcoming participation from all over the world. What do we do? We talk and work with each other in an international group of collaborators and friends. Sometimes a project is presented and often our group members end up working together on projects, foreseen and serendipitous. Co-working and parallel play are always available. We are free-wheeling or co-working. Whatever the mode, please bring a friend if you like. Hosted by Andrew Crosby.

GRC: Regen & Governance

May 31, 2023 8am-9am PT / 11am ET / noon BRT / 4pm BST / 6pm EAT / 2030 IST / your time zone

This series is for discussion and co-learning of what it means to govern regeneratively and how regeneration can inform governance. This weekly session will be a co-created exploration of what regenerative governance means and how we, as regenerators, can apply it.

Coordinated by David Witzel.

Exploring Effective Cross-Network Collaboration May 31, 2023 9am-11am PT / noon ET / 1pm BRT / 5pm BST / 7pm EAT / 2130 IST / your time zone

Minimum Viable Academy invites you to explore cross-network collaboration methods inspired by bio-mimicry so we may be effective in the way we engage in our own networks across domains. Please join us for an interactive 90 mins session. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you feel called to financially contribute to our efforts, please use this open collective page to donate. Please feel free to distribute to your network.

Hosted by Aimee Fenech and Jyo Maan.

Design & Delivery is supported by Next-Steps-Project of International Permaculture Colab.

GRC: We are Not The Only Ones Here: Exploring Dimensions of Non Human Beings in Our Shared World in the Regenerative Insights Circle

Jun 1, 2023 9am-10am PT / noon ET / 1600 UTC / 5pm BST / 1900 EAT / your time zone

Join us in brainstorming session to better understand and integrate the natural world into our lives and cultures. We’ve started a Miro which you are free to join today and which we will use to help us in a session on 1 June 2023 at 9:00 Pacific/ 18:00 CET in the GRC / 3HE Regenerative Insights Circle meeting. Our goal in this session is to expand and elaborate our understanding of the multiple dimensions of this topic. There are so many to explore: The rights of nature in legal frameworks; the inclusion of nature and earth systems as stakeholders in governance, and webs of animate and inanimate beings integral to meaning in our diverse cultures across space and time! Note: we will be recording this call for those who cannot attend. Hosted by Andrew Crosby and friends.

Consensual Tech Talk

Jun 1, 2023 noon-1pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT //

Jun 2, 2023 7am NZST / your time zone

Introducing Consensual Tech Talks: Do an inventory of what we’re currently using for remote collaboration. Look at some alternatives. Hands-on helping each other onboard with new tools. These calls are hosted by Day Waterbury and are a gathering place for people from aligned communities.

GRC: In-Person Bay Area W3 (Warp and Weft for Weality)

Jun 1, 2023 4:30pm-7:30pm PT

Bringing together diverse allies from values-aligned networks including Bioneers, Terran Collective, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Collaborative Technology Alliance, Internet Identity Workshop, All Tech Is Human, Work on Climate, Global Regeneration CoLab, ARC Regenerative Communities, and ESC Surveillance Capitalism. If you’re interested in how we can collaborate toward a wellbeing economy, we would love to have you join us for a kava, cacao, kombucha, or just fresh water and high vibes! Convened by Day Waterbury.

Regeneration Pollination Online Networking

Jun 2, 2023 10am-11am PT / 1pm ET / 1700 UTC / 6pm BST / 1900 CEST / your time zone

If you are dreaming about a regenerative future, come meet others walking the same path. Cross-pollinate with other networks and expand your support base of allies. Until we can once again meet in person, let us get to know each other better online. During these one-hour "drop-in" sessions, we'll organize random, one-on-one video chats so you can meet new people, discover new networks and projects, trade ideas, start relationships and generally strengthen the community making our regenerative future a reality. Please share with your networks, interested connections, and regenerative friends. #RegenPollination

GRC: Serious Games Jun 5, 2023 9am-10:15am PT / noon ET / 1pm BRT / 5pm BST / 7pm EAT / 2130 IST / your time zone We meet to discuss and test-play all kinds of Serious Games - that is, games that are played for purposes other than mere entertainment, such as learning,collaboration, or awareness-raising.

If you are interested in simulations, scenario planning, role play, or group facilitation using games, come along to the session.Hosted by Ulrike Zeshan

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